Privacy statement

Declaration concerning the handling of applicant data on the application platform “Jobs & Career” on behalf of BSH Hausgeräte GmbH. 

1. Responsible placement

The content available on the application platform via the internet address is administrated by

BSH Hausgeräte GmbH
Carl-Wery-Straße 34
81739 München

(subsequent BSH) as a data-protection law responsible placement. 

2. Use and disclosure of application profiles through BSH, purpose

The personal data (application profile) entered into the application platform by applicants, are solely compiled, processed and used by BSH for the application process, as well as for staffing.

The information inserted by applicants regarding the question “How did you come to know of BSH?” is used beyond the application process for statistical analysis in an anonymised form.

The application platform allows applicants to apply for advertised positions (characterized by a job number), and to send in unsolicited applications. Currently, applications on the application platform are processed for the following companies:

● BSH Hausgeräte GmbH
● BSH Hausgeräte Service Nauen GmbH
● BSH Hausgerätewerk Nauen GmbH
● Neff GmbH

Staffing is done in cooperation with the responsible employees of the respective personnel department and the department’s disciplinarians.

When applying for an advertised position, the BSH application profile is only accessible to and processed by employees who are entrusted with the staffing of the available position. If an applicant applies for a position via BSH’s application platform that is not advertised by BSH directly, the application is handed on to the respective company.  

3. Administration of application profiles by the applicant, standard deletion periods

With the access account created within the scope of the application, applicants can access their application profile at any time. Applicants can view their entered data at all times. The personal data, as well as the contact details can be updated anytime. The applicants must be aware of the fact that changing the personal data and contact details will affect all their current applications. Information regarding the applicants application profile cannot be changed autonomously once sent off.

 When not interested in the advertised position anymore, the applicant can withdraw his/her application at any given time. The applicant will then no longer be considered as a possible candidate for the position. Once the application process has ended or the application was withdrawn, the data will be deleted according to the applicable legal requirements. The applicant’s access account will be deleted 6 months after the last use. If the applicant expresses his/her consent regarding the admission into the “Application Pool”, the access account will be deleted 12 months after the last use. 

4. Protection against the misusage of application profile

BSH meets specific safety measures in order to guard application profiles from manipulation, loss, damage, unauthorized access, and disclosure. BSH adjusts its safety measures according to technological development. The transfer of data between the web browser of the applicant and the application platform occurs with an encoded HTTPS connection (transport encryption).  

5. Employment

In case the applicant is hired, his/her application profile is not adopted by the respective administration system of the personnel department, but is collected within the framework of the hiring process. 

6. Establishment of contact

In case applicants should have further questions, suggestions or complaints, they can directly contact the contact person via telephone or email stated in the imprint.


The operational privacy policy prevails over this privacy policy for internal employees.